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Strip Club King DVD



He dropped out of school in the 10th grade, has been arrested 150 times, earned his GED in jail at the age of 40, and has run for local public office 9 times! Take a journey into the life and career of the man who came from poverty, got into the strip club business, ended up opening the most famous strip club in the world, the Mons Venus, and then continued to build a real estate empire, became a multi-millionaire and a 1st Amendment freedom fighter!

Described as the Larry Flynt of the South, Joe Redner is the classic 'American Dream' story come true!! Joe Redner has been called a pimp, patriot, humanitarian, hypocrite, publicity hound, pig, exploiter, criminal, narcissist, hero and genius. Joe has also been featured on national television for years including ABC's 20/20, The Daily Show, Tru TV, Playboy TV, The Montel Williams Show, Maury Povich, The Late Late Show, CNN, and the Fox News Channel.

Whether you love him or hate him, you will want to watch him every step of the way!!

Special Features: Joe vs. David Caton, Miss Nude Tampa TV Show Commercials, Joe's TV ads.

"He is a gentleman , entrepreneur, and freedom fighter. Joe is a class act and this documentary chronicles him beautifully."
-Ron Jeremy

"If Shelby McIntyre hadn't made this movie, Hollywood could never dream up with a character lke Joe Redner, a saintly sinner railing against political and religious hypocrisy. Armed with nothing but the truth, Strip Club King is like Mr. Smith going to Washington for lap dances."
-Steve Persall, St. Pete Times